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The triumph over both positive and negative emotions.
The triumph over both positive and negative emotions.

One of my favorite blogs is idcheaters.com. Lively conversations erupt on relationship issues with an enthusiasm rarely found anywhere else.  The input also gets my wicked little wheels turning. One of the recent topics surrounds jealousy, of course, and the associated behaviors it inspires.

For all of the love professed in relationships, and all the expectations set forth for us by society and religion, people rarely analyze why jealousy is such a huge feature of our psyche.  Is it learned, or is it instinct?

Have you ever seen Mutiny on the Bounty, the version with Marlon Brando playing the part of Mr. Christian?

The Bounty drops anchor in the harbor of a Polynesian, I assume, island where the natives see sex as a great way to say hello.  If there was ever a Garden of Eden, these natives never left it.  The people are portrayed as happy, loving, and bereft of jealousies.  Sex is the extended handshake.

Yes, it is a movie, but it also reflects what some people believe is nature’s true intent.  Genetic diversity, accomplished through sex and childbearing with different partners, is good for the species.  Doesn’t jealousy work against that mandate?

As children we must learn to share because nature drives us to cling to adults for attention.  Otherwise, we may never be fed or clothed.  It is instinct, appropriate during a time of great dependency on adults, but we eventually learn that cooperation and sharing furthers not only personal causes and goals, but also improves our relationships with others in our tribe or family.  Based on this, jealousy must be a sign of immaturity, on one level, or the expression of the powerless and dependent at another level.

Readings Surrounding Jealousy

Where Tarot readings ferret out what has yet to happen, I prefer using Numerology for individuals questioning their own motives behind their jealousies.  We are often unable to completely remove our tendencies in this area, but knowing where they are in our personal birth numbers helps us weather those storms without destroying relationships that are otherwise fulfilling and productive.  Finding areas of “numerical balance” when jealousy might rear its ugly head, has been one of my personal tools for quite some time now.

If you are struggling with jealousy issues, consider taking a look at your partner’s birth numbers as well.  His or her birth numbers may reveal the traits that trigger conflicts with the jealousy you are experiencing.

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In the broadest sense, Britney’s road was probably derailed by fame and the demands that led to it.

The younger we are, the more devastating rigid management is to our psyches. Even though she has the ultimate freedom to lead her life as she chooses, she hasn’t been allowed to recognize her internal power and control. This has left her open to manipulation by those who mean her less than well. Her exploration of her personal energy and outlook has been denied her.

Her Life Path is 6

She actually has a great capacity for compassion, which might be her Achilles heel. It’s difficult for her to understand where she ends and everyone else begins because she began her path in service to others, through her talent, as hard cash profit and not as simply a worthwhile human. Her lifelong challenge, based on her Life Path, is to be truly helpful to others. Learning that actions must also preserve her own well being first with an eye toward preserving her positive energies for those who truly deserve her kindness will take time to develop. The balance between help and interference has to be sorted out for herself, before she can strike that balance with others.

Britney’s natural balance has been lost, but only temporarily. She is young and there is time for her balance to develop.


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Her Birthday is 2

She began as a sensitive, intuitive person and will rediscover her skills and gifts in this area, with time. She is so easily influenced by her environment, though, that she needs a trusted adviser who refrains from controlling her, but has heart to heart talks about her well-being and her personal goals. No Dr. Phils, not substance abuse counselors, who all have goals beyond that of helping her be her truest self. It is the presence of those types that has led to depression as they encourage her disapproval of her true nature. Alternatives must be presented within an atmosphere of acceptance for the choices Britney makes. This has yet to happen and we are seeing the results.

I haven’t looked at her Expression and Heart’s Desire areas yet. I have to do this in small chunks!

Seeing the effects of restricted living is always interesting. As soon as the child reaches their majority, things start falling apart, regardless of what the restrictions are. Too harsh is too harsh and tolerance reaches horribly noticeable limit.

Stay tuned, Britney Spears watchers. Those next two installments are on their way!


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One of the most difficult moments between clients and readers are those first few where previous experiences, misinformation, and prejudices assert themselves. The connection between people on the spiritual, intuitive / psychic level is where most people fail. Notice, I said people, not just readers.

Every reader or counselor has their own methods for establishing a connection. Some, usually those with either little experience or who believe that theatrics will enhance the experience for the client, will take several minutes to find the “connection” before they begin a reading. Those with more experience, and probably a bit more sensitivity, will most likely ask for names, birth dates, and a specific question – especially if the reading is by phone or in an online chat, and then begin the reading – more about this later. There are, however, several things to listen for, especially if nervous about the connection between yourself and a psychic reader.

1) If the potential client wants to “test the psychic”, the reader suggests they seek information elsewhere.

This is a pretty good sign that they aren’t afraid to read and are not afraid to refuse to play games. This psychic reader is not so insecure that they will try to sell you into a reading. If you aren’t ready, they send you away. Many think this is a sign of the reader’s incompetence, but look a little closer. The psychic reader who sends a potential client away has enough confidence to read for their current clientele on a regular basis and will reserve energy for them, first. New clients are not an issue that weighs so heavily that the psychic reader is willing to constantly “audition”..

2) If a reader consents to a test, they talk about the current situation.

They aren’t going to waste energy talking about missing dog’s first name during a test. They will, however, display insight without having been told about personal current events. Someone who can talk about your present without having personally witnessed it and without being told about it, is able to project the most likely results, and there might be more than a few possibilities! Be aware that this might not be a pleasant experience for the hopeful client, but remember that psychic readers do not set the future in stone and they aren’t reading those who are not part of the client’s immediate circle of concern.

3) If you have had more than 3 readings on the same issue, the ethical reader will probably turn you away.

There are people who “psychic shop”. They seek a specific answer and won’t be happy until they hear it. The desire is control, not insight. Most ethical readers will suggest a shopper accept the information they have heard, then either wait to see what happens or take action to change things. Another reading will not help. The ethical psychic would rather earn their keep where there is true need.

4) If you don’t have a specific question, they suggest an e-mail reading.

Usually, general readings are long and costly if the fee is on a per minute basis. The ethical reader will have a flat fee for general readings, the results of which will be sent via e-mail. A client can sit and read the information once it arrives, contemplate, and read it again. This tends to help organize thoughts so that a per minute reading on a specific question, and much briefer. This is the way I like to do Numerology readings as they can be over 20 pages long in some instances.

It is difficult to set aside some of the fantastic tales about psychics finding lost items, and revealing information that they would have not way of knowing, but step back, consider the sources, and then move past them. The ethical psychic is rather choosey about who they connect with, read for, and how they will expend their energy. Be ready for a serious reading, and listen for integrity from the reader.

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