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Well the days are getting longer and I am soooo ready. I admit it, this daughter of the moon is solar powered! I am making my list of things to have ready for the celebration that I feel coming on.

When Wiccan/Witches think of ritual, the first celebrations are usually seasonal, with Imbolc in February and then the Equinox, officially setting the schedules associated with active growth. What about personal rituals that no one really notices? I don’t mean the spring cleaning that hits everyone regardless of location, but personal celebrations.

These are the most meaningful as they mark our acceptance of age and, for some, might be the only ritual that can be performed without much persecution from family and non-pagan friends. What can you do if you need that personal celebration but cannot indulge in open rituals?

Refresh your candle supply

Take a little jaunt to your local occult shop or make your own bearing the color correspondences you will use the rest of the year. Be sure to have anointing oils also. Even a candle from Walgreen’s can be dressed and used for quite, internal rituals and meditations.

Change your make up.

Yes, that’s right, sort through the old stuff and start imagining a new color palette more suitable for being a year older and a bit more daring. There is nothing so powerful as casting a glamour that reflects your internal vibrance. Don’t forget to get new skin care items, preferably all natural. This might be a good time to start learning how to make your own!

Create or buy new personal ritual tools.

If you are able to create a small altar, do it, using items that aren’t recognized by others as ritual tools. Placed in a special corner of your home the energy will still be as important as those that are extremely ornate.

Have a special meal.

NOT Easter dinner, that’s Christianity. Spicy foods, raw foods with lots of grains, dried fruits and nuts, eaten with the fingers while watching a sunset is calming and gets you reconnected with the world outside. It’s a great way to shake off winter doldrums.

Plan your garden and get ready to plant.

Even if it is a container garden, start getting the space ready now. The growth of this garden represents your growth, so find plants that make you smile. Try to choose plants that require little tending and refrain from pruning them to get that perfect shape. They represent that part of yourself that is wild, creative, and productive.

Spring rituals come in many shapes and sizes. Follow your inner voice and create your own rituals, small and private, that celebrate your life as only you can!

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