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The realization that a spouse is cheating is a terrible moment for any woman, regardless of her strength or age, and with or without young children in the home, the blow can strip the meaning from a relationship. Once the shock wears off, it is time to decide to stay, leave, or have him leave.

I came across a great clip, Should Women Stand By Cheaters?.

Notice, there is a woman on the discussion panel who is able to draw a distinction between a fellow’s looking for love and engaging in thrill seeking behavior?

One of the most difficult readings to do are those where the querent, usually the woman, cannot see the subject, usually the man, in the same light that the cards, or a numerology analysis for that matter, indicate.

Often, the cheating male hasn’t one emotional card, which would be something in the suit of cups, in the spread. When this can be worked through in the reading, meaning the querent understands that this act was not emotionally based for the cheater, moving on to the decision making process can be a bit less daunting. When I read for you, I won’t skip this step as many readers will.

Now that you have worked through the reading, should you stay?

There are many factors that I, as your reader, can see and feel during this second part of your reading. Your choices will be greater than you had thought. Let’s try to stick with those that are non-violent!

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Even with a reader’s advice, which addresses the mental and emotional aspect of your past, present, and future, only you can analyze how a drastic change in your living circumstances will impact your finances and your plans for your future with your partner.  Take your time to weigh things carefully.  A new adventure awaits you, even if you decide to continue the relationship.

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Well the days are getting longer and I am soooo ready. I admit it, this daughter of the moon is solar powered! I am making my list of things to have ready for the celebration that I feel coming on.

When Wiccan/Witches think of ritual, the first celebrations are usually seasonal, with Imbolc in February and then the Equinox, officially setting the schedules associated with active growth. What about personal rituals that no one really notices? I don’t mean the spring cleaning that hits everyone regardless of location, but personal celebrations.

These are the most meaningful as they mark our acceptance of age and, for some, might be the only ritual that can be performed without much persecution from family and non-pagan friends. What can you do if you need that personal celebration but cannot indulge in open rituals?

Refresh your candle supply

Take a little jaunt to your local occult shop or make your own bearing the color correspondences you will use the rest of the year. Be sure to have anointing oils also. Even a candle from Walgreen’s can be dressed and used for quite, internal rituals and meditations.

Change your make up.

Yes, that’s right, sort through the old stuff and start imagining a new color palette more suitable for being a year older and a bit more daring. There is nothing so powerful as casting a glamour that reflects your internal vibrance. Don’t forget to get new skin care items, preferably all natural. This might be a good time to start learning how to make your own!

Create or buy new personal ritual tools.

If you are able to create a small altar, do it, using items that aren’t recognized by others as ritual tools. Placed in a special corner of your home the energy will still be as important as those that are extremely ornate.

Have a special meal.

NOT Easter dinner, that’s Christianity. Spicy foods, raw foods with lots of grains, dried fruits and nuts, eaten with the fingers while watching a sunset is calming and gets you reconnected with the world outside. It’s a great way to shake off winter doldrums.

Plan your garden and get ready to plant.

Even if it is a container garden, start getting the space ready now. The growth of this garden represents your growth, so find plants that make you smile. Try to choose plants that require little tending and refrain from pruning them to get that perfect shape. They represent that part of yourself that is wild, creative, and productive.

Spring rituals come in many shapes and sizes. Follow your inner voice and create your own rituals, small and private, that celebrate your life as only you can!

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If you remember, we talked about her Life Path number and how that is working for her, or not. Then we took a peek at her Birthday number, and what that can mean to her…and those who would own and use her.

Let’s look at her Expression. This number give insights into talents and abilities, or those things that are not nearly as hidden as the numbers at the Life Path and Birthday positions. This reflects her basic nature, which can explain her reactions to pressure, joy, and life changing events. Her Expression number is 9.

Britney needs a cause to feel effective and whole. Many people with the number 9 in this position are humanitarians and philanthropists. They look for the place where they can make a difference, to make someone else’s life easier or better. Could you imagine having this inside of your personality and having that ignored in favor of making money for others who don’t appear to have a need outside of a brand new car? It is this aspect of her nature that probably led her to work so hard at for her mom, or to make the family’s life better, where many children would simply refuse to cooperate with the pressure to perform at an elite level. It is her having given so much of herself that has probably led to her being at such loose ends now.

Now, I can hear the disapproval rising now….”what about her kids? They need her….”. Her children have another parent and are being used to make her conform. Bad combination as that makes them someone else’s cause, not hers alone. If she had been a single parent, things might have been different, and better. They would have become her cause as they would have only had her to depend on. Them there is the pressure to conform, which is incompatible with the need to give. You can not freely give that which is being taken or demanded. There has been nothing in her recent struggles with her children that has really allowed giving. The more that is taken, the less likely anything will be given.

Britney might fare better with less supervision, but that is no longer in the cards. To retain any sense of sanity she will have to remove herself from scrutiny. She will simply have to stop being available. This could be a dangerous time with one more push being the last straw. Remember the suicide watch? A passport and a new beginning is probably a wiser choice.

Britney’s Heart’s Desire is 11/2

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Britney has a “Master Number”, 11. Many born with this Master Number are born into extremely troubled families. It reflects extreme sensitivity to spiritual matters like, loving relationships. Sensitivity is not mastery of the concept but is a sign that this will be the main goal throughout life.

Britney marries the high school friend in Las Vegas, and mother had that annulled. Britney married Kfed, because she was old enough that no one could build a case to dissolve the marriage. She has tried to create a loving atmosphere for herself, only to have it disintegrate after bringing children into the world. She is crushed. We are probably witnessing her attempts to dull the pain and loneliness, not party time. She was at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs when Kfed, the press, and the courts started dragging her back to lower levels of the hierarchy. She cannot conform to the demands at that level, which causes more pain, which leads to her trying to kill that pain. It is like being able to see brilliant colors all of your life and then being told you are going to be blinded because everyone thinks it would be in your best interest. It isn’t going to work. There is no therapy that will make it work and preserve her sanity, unless frontal lobotomies are an option.

I am going to stop here for today. Why? Because I want everyone to have time to think about all of this before I the last entry. I don’t mean sitting around wallowing in disapproval and cracking “cosmic Britney” jokes. Britney and others like her, deserve better than that. Really think about what it would take to give up your true nature over and over again, and what the result would be. If you reach the thought,” well I would do that for my children” then you might re-evaluate your ability to empathize.

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Keeping the interest flowing in your relationship require more thought than physical effort, but is also require we let go of some unhealthy notions about love!

Of all the greatest issues that face people today, keeping the life in a relationship is probably the most vexing and taxing. To keep that initial spark alive while coping with day to day issues is almost too much. There is a basic misconception that ends most relationships before they begin, much less flourish.

If we step back for a moment and really examine what hapens when things start going wrong, we see a common thread. Yes, it’s communication…but it’s not quite that simple. It’s the type of communication that makes all the difference in the world.

Most people think saying “I love you” on a regular basis should take care of things. For men, regular physical intimacy becomes a focus that doesn’t fulfill their needs for appreciation. For women, the flowers, chocolates and courtship behaviors just create more tension, especially if they are expensive. So, how do we bridge the gap and keep love alive?

Look around and what your spouse or long term beloved does for you on a daily basis. Not deep kisses and extended love making, but thngs like taking out the trash, washing the socks, taking care of the car-as long as it isn’t their hobby. It’s these little things that need a “Thank You” everyday. This shows that you are paying attention, that you value these chores and your not having to nag to have them completed. These little adffirmations also let your beloved know that you keep an eye on their moods, physical health, energy level, and well-being. This is the appreciation that men want. This is the effort that women need to see.

It is our daily life that we share with our spouse or long term beloved, and it is this day after day contact that creates “Forever”. It’s not the stuff of fairy tales, it’s not the unreasonable expectations used to make people buy rings and flowers and expensive meals. It is the deep seated observance that becomes a secular devotion, and the deepest, forever kind of love that we truly seek.



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One of the most difficult moments between clients and readers are those first few where previous experiences, misinformation, and prejudices assert themselves. The connection between people on the spiritual, intuitive / psychic level is where most people fail. Notice, I said people, not just readers.

Every reader or counselor has their own methods for establishing a connection. Some, usually those with either little experience or who believe that theatrics will enhance the experience for the client, will take several minutes to find the “connection” before they begin a reading. Those with more experience, and probably a bit more sensitivity, will most likely ask for names, birth dates, and a specific question – especially if the reading is by phone or in an online chat, and then begin the reading – more about this later. There are, however, several things to listen for, especially if nervous about the connection between yourself and a psychic reader.

1) If the potential client wants to “test the psychic”, the reader suggests they seek information elsewhere.

This is a pretty good sign that they aren’t afraid to read and are not afraid to refuse to play games. This psychic reader is not so insecure that they will try to sell you into a reading. If you aren’t ready, they send you away. Many think this is a sign of the reader’s incompetence, but look a little closer. The psychic reader who sends a potential client away has enough confidence to read for their current clientele on a regular basis and will reserve energy for them, first. New clients are not an issue that weighs so heavily that the psychic reader is willing to constantly “audition”..

2) If a reader consents to a test, they talk about the current situation.

They aren’t going to waste energy talking about missing dog’s first name during a test. They will, however, display insight without having been told about personal current events. Someone who can talk about your present without having personally witnessed it and without being told about it, is able to project the most likely results, and there might be more than a few possibilities! Be aware that this might not be a pleasant experience for the hopeful client, but remember that psychic readers do not set the future in stone and they aren’t reading those who are not part of the client’s immediate circle of concern.

3) If you have had more than 3 readings on the same issue, the ethical reader will probably turn you away.

There are people who “psychic shop”. They seek a specific answer and won’t be happy until they hear it. The desire is control, not insight. Most ethical readers will suggest a shopper accept the information they have heard, then either wait to see what happens or take action to change things. Another reading will not help. The ethical psychic would rather earn their keep where there is true need.

4) If you don’t have a specific question, they suggest an e-mail reading.

Usually, general readings are long and costly if the fee is on a per minute basis. The ethical reader will have a flat fee for general readings, the results of which will be sent via e-mail. A client can sit and read the information once it arrives, contemplate, and read it again. This tends to help organize thoughts so that a per minute reading on a specific question, and much briefer. This is the way I like to do Numerology readings as they can be over 20 pages long in some instances.

It is difficult to set aside some of the fantastic tales about psychics finding lost items, and revealing information that they would have not way of knowing, but step back, consider the sources, and then move past them. The ethical psychic is rather choosey about who they connect with, read for, and how they will expend their energy. Be ready for a serious reading, and listen for integrity from the reader.

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