In the broadest sense, Britney’s road was probably derailed by fame and the demands that led to it.

The younger we are, the more devastating rigid management is to our psyches. Even though she has the ultimate freedom to lead her life as she chooses, she hasn’t been allowed to recognize her internal power and control. This has left her open to manipulation by those who mean her less than well. Her exploration of her personal energy and outlook has been denied her.

Her Life Path is 6

She actually has a great capacity for compassion, which might be her Achilles heel. It’s difficult for her to understand where she ends and everyone else begins because she began her path in service to others, through her talent, as hard cash profit and not as simply a worthwhile human. Her lifelong challenge, based on her Life Path, is to be truly helpful to others. Learning that actions must also preserve her own well being first with an eye toward preserving her positive energies for those who truly deserve her kindness will take time to develop. The balance between help and interference has to be sorted out for herself, before she can strike that balance with others.

Britney’s natural balance has been lost, but only temporarily. She is young and there is time for her balance to develop.


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Her Birthday is 2

She began as a sensitive, intuitive person and will rediscover her skills and gifts in this area, with time. She is so easily influenced by her environment, though, that she needs a trusted adviser who refrains from controlling her, but has heart to heart talks about her well-being and her personal goals. No Dr. Phils, not substance abuse counselors, who all have goals beyond that of helping her be her truest self. It is the presence of those types that has led to depression as they encourage her disapproval of her true nature. Alternatives must be presented within an atmosphere of acceptance for the choices Britney makes. This has yet to happen and we are seeing the results.

I haven’t looked at her Expression and Heart’s Desire areas yet. I have to do this in small chunks!

Seeing the effects of restricted living is always interesting. As soon as the child reaches their majority, things start falling apart, regardless of what the restrictions are. Too harsh is too harsh and tolerance reaches horribly noticeable limit.

Stay tuned, Britney Spears watchers. Those next two installments are on their way!



Happy Common New Year!

I hope everyone’s holidays are simmering down into a comfortable glow, and that everyone has great aspirations for 2008!

During the next few months, I will move this blog to my site, Love Psychics And Sages, to enjoy the benefits and greater flexibility afforded by self hosting. I hope this also encourages more people to participate in discussions. Have no fear! This blog will not stagnate while I figure out how to move, which template to use, along with other decorating issues that I love so much.

If you are stuck for a good New Year’s resolution, try reading an article I wrote about this time last year, 10 Best New Year’s Resolutions. Take some time to look at life with a little twist, then write your own resolutions focusing on what you can have, not what you can deny yourself. Life is too short to ignore the wonderful pleasures that feed a sense of well being. Reward yourself for being the delightful human you are.

Take a moment for reverence and remember Benazir Bhutto, a freedom fighter in her own right, and hope the world realizes religious dogma reinforcing the oppression, abuse, and killings of women based on based on the notion that a deity mandates women’s subservience to men, must be eradicated. The future of the human race is in dire straits when civil societies are held hostage by the beliefs of fundamentalists, Muslim and Christian alike.

Don’t forget to rediscover your personal creativity. I am rekindling my crochet, beading, and jeweler’s skills for the sense of accomplishment I experience by creating my own style, from the heart.

Finally, work toward a greener lifestyle. The benefits for the earth are obvious, but the renewed self sufficiency is often overlooked. Imagine how your independence will grow as you use fewer commercial goods, where possible. Don’t go crazy with this, though. Composting toilets don’t have to be a fixture in your home! EEeeeyew!


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Happy Holidays!

Being the pagan that I am, I slow down in the colder months with the rhythm of the earth.  Have no fear,  The New Year will find me back with more posts!

 Just remember, the greatest gift is time spent with those who truly love you!


  Happy Holidays!

Numbers of The New Year

Once again the wheel of the year turns and many of my favorite clients have already received their “special days” report from me, with the “do not open until the stroke of midnight” admonishment. I don’t set that warning for all of them, but there are a few I have known for years and it has become a challenge for them, an doodles of playfully sadistic pleasure for me.

What’s a “special days” report?

It is a Numerology report that reveals the energies or tendencies that will influence each day of the year. Normally, couples that I have known will ask for them at the end of each year. Some enjoy looking at each day for inspiration, some use it as a way to avoid pitfalls. Each person has their own reasons for having me whip one up…well it’s not quite that simple….and each person can refer to the report at will.

In relationships, and life is a series of relationships, it is helpful to have a bit of forewarning to avoid misunderstandings or unnecessary strife. We all know how a thoughtless moment can haunt us for weeks and the Numerology report, or forecast, can keep us mindful. Being able to take a mental or emotional step back from a difficult moment can mean the world in an already stressful and thoughtless world.

The Numerology report for the next year is a great tool for negotiating the days and nights that make life meaningful. Whether a gift for new parents, graduates, or the newly married, it is one of the most common requests made during this time of year.

Point of interest:

Birth name: Britney Jean Spears
Short name: Britney Spears
Birth date: December 2, 1981

Her Life Path is 6
Her Expression is 12/3
Her Heart’s Desire is 17/8

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These are your first steps in creating sacred space.

Keeping the interest flowing in your relationship require more thought than physical effort, but is also require we let go of some unhealthy notions about love!

Of all the greatest issues that face people today, keeping the life in a relationship is probably the most vexing and taxing. To keep that initial spark alive while coping with day to day issues is almost too much. There is a basic misconception that ends most relationships before they begin, much less flourish.

If we step back for a moment and really examine what hapens when things start going wrong, we see a common thread. Yes, it’s communication…but it’s not quite that simple. It’s the type of communication that makes all the difference in the world.

Most people think saying “I love you” on a regular basis should take care of things. For men, regular physical intimacy becomes a focus that doesn’t fulfill their needs for appreciation. For women, the flowers, chocolates and courtship behaviors just create more tension, especially if they are expensive. So, how do we bridge the gap and keep love alive?

Look around and what your spouse or long term beloved does for you on a daily basis. Not deep kisses and extended love making, but thngs like taking out the trash, washing the socks, taking care of the car-as long as it isn’t their hobby. It’s these little things that need a “Thank You” everyday. This shows that you are paying attention, that you value these chores and your not having to nag to have them completed. These little adffirmations also let your beloved know that you keep an eye on their moods, physical health, energy level, and well-being. This is the appreciation that men want. This is the effort that women need to see.

It is our daily life that we share with our spouse or long term beloved, and it is this day after day contact that creates “Forever”. It’s not the stuff of fairy tales, it’s not the unreasonable expectations used to make people buy rings and flowers and expensive meals. It is the deep seated observance that becomes a secular devotion, and the deepest, forever kind of love that we truly seek.



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My path to reading tarot cards began outside of books and far away from the Tarot-Waite deck most readers start with. There were several reasons but many still hold true for me.

The problems with Rider Waite is the abundance of yellow, and the insistence of some readers that the cards be read based on the race of the client. How does one accurately read when that particular prejudice is woven into the meanings of the cards? Such predetermination has no place in readings but there are still people being taught to use the cards with this set of blinders firmly strapped in place. There is no defense for this.

Needless to say, newer decks have been better for those of us who have issues with colors blocking sensitivity. Try looking at a picture with yellow scattered about and see if you can have any deep thoughts without becoming irritated or having to put the picture aside. The field of color taps directly into the subconscious where are deepest reactions and primal responses rest. Yellow works to poke at this area with a sharp stick, causing it to receded rather than come forth and spread its tendrils.

I can’t remember my first deck, but it wasn’t the traditional Rider Waite. I have enjoyed using decks by Scapini, I have used round cards, I have used several decks called “The Witches Tarot”-none of which looked just like the other. I have found that images with rounded edges, lacking harsh outlines, and having deep rich colors work best for me. They warm the psyche into playing along the energy streams, allowing me to see and feel clearly.

If you are looking for your first deck of cards you might be comfortable with the Rider Waite, but look at other decks to get the feel. It could be that you are better suited to something that strokes your primal self. Happiness is a warm deck of cards.