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Predictive Dreaming

I love doing dream interpretations. Even when phone isn’t the best vehicle for an interpretation, mainly because e-mail is cheaper for the dreamer, the conversation surrounding the interpretation is always enlightening.

There is a huge gap between the primitive area of the mind and the daily, tech based world of day to day life. Messages from the dream world are limited to 5, or maybe 6 senses. It doesn’t add and subtract, it doesn’t play events for us like a DVD player. It give the most important bit of information and then it usually wakes you. This was no more apparent then an interpretation I did by phone through Keen.

A fellow called because of a disturbance. A dream had revealed something that seemed nonsensical, which we had discussed in an earlier call, and he was calling to tell me how things turned out. The main action in his dream had been a slamm ing sound, which shook him awake immediately, but it was a dream sound, not someone actually slamming anything in real life. Of course, he had crept around his apartment to see if anyone was there or if anything was missing. He called me to figure out what that sound meant.

I don’t know why, but I had the distinct impression that the sound wasn’t made using the item owned, and that it wasn’t his bedroom door. Don’t ask me why or how…if I think about it too much I can’t do it!

His call this time was to say that the sound was indeed the end of his relationship with a woman who had a bad temper. His dream had provided the sound of her slamming the car door on, now get this, a rental car. His dream was his warning. With this warning firmly at work between his ears, he was busier thinking about the dream discussion than the fact that he had tried to work things out with his ex.

Sometimes, a dream doesn’t make sense but is our shield against pain in the waking world.

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